With the heart coming out of the mouth/ Brazil Pavilion – Art Biennale 2022

Commissioners: José Olympio da Veiga Pereira, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo
Curator: Jacopo Crivelli Visconti
Exhibitor: Jonathas de Andrade
Project Manager: eiletz | ortigas architects
Construction and Installation: R3B

As usual in recent editions of the Biennale, the Brazilian pavilion, almost 60 years after its construction (1964), is in need of careful maintenance. At this early stage, partial restoration of the ceilings, perimeter walls and flooring was carried out.
Following the installation of technical equipment, we made the corridor ceiling with fir morals and pine plywood panels and arranged for the suspension of all artwork. Timber and steel cables will have safe reuse at the end of the exhibition.
Aside from the monolithic sculptural works placed at the pavilion entrances, the final destination of which is uncertain, it can be said that the Brazilian pavilion is close to waste-zero.